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Professional always wants to give their best in their performance and everything that defends this focus in a negative way makes stress and frustration.
If we shall have a high standard for the cooperating concerts and for the pre-productions between Russian, Norwegian and international musicians and artist in Barents, must the professional considers for the music art and cultural productions be solved in a good way.

The main vision for the VAE project (Volunteer Arrangement Exchange) is to raise the general level for music and culture productions in the Russian part of the Barents region with the help of volunteers.
To carry out this vision we start building up the Arkhangelsk Regional Nonprofit Voluntary Organization - ARNVO - which relies upon principles of both Norwegian and Russian model for music and culture producing and in the organizing.

The decision about official establishment of ARNVO was made in Arkhangelsk in January 2012. By this time some of its members had already got an experience of volunteer work due to the VAE team, and some of them had already taken part in the organisation of Norwegian festivals within the frameworks of volunteer exchanges.

 Annual meeting Arkhangelsk January 2012 Tatiana Solska  Julia Bobina Irina Konovalova Maria Kumbysheva  28 

 Photo: From ARNVOs first annual meeting in January 2012 

Today ARNVO has about 30 members and the majority are students, but the organization is open to join for everybody who want to work as volunteer in music, culture and art productions.  

ARNVO shall:

  • give support to festivals and producers to develop the general level for music, art and culture productions in the Arkhangelsk region. ARNVO are build up as an democratic organisation with statutes, rules and elections an is running as a non-profit organization independent from governments, business associations, organizations and institutions.

  • promote good condition between volunteers and organizers in the cultural venues with use of the Team model, and promote cultural voluntary engagement in the society.

The Team model is much similar to how Norwegian/Scandinavian organizers produce venues with help of volunteers, but through the VAE project ARNVO also wish to develop a common Russian/ Norwegian model where we try to accomplish necessary presuppositions from the Russian way to organize/produce and comprehend it in the Norwegian Team Model.

To carry out the vision and targets the The Norewegian VAE team:

  • arrange courses in voluntary work and holding the seminar modules "How to produce festival and events" 

  • assisting and making pre-productions together with Russian festival organizers, ARNVO and other coorporation partners.

Finally can Russian music and culture producers and members in ARNVO take part in the VAE projects exchange programs to festivals in Norway for practise in voluntary work and observe how the Norwegian organizers carry trough their festivals.

There are 3 to 4 exchanges to Norwegian festivals with 12-15 Russian participiants a year, and we try to pick out participiants in the exchange program who want to work for ARNVO and speak/ understand English language. This criteria's seems quite hard, but we also use the exchanges for training to could work as a team manager/leader who got responsibilities to handle the professional considers for international artists when we are back in Russia. In this matter ARVO is very important for develop of the arrangement platform when members of the organization can help the Norwegian VAE team to observe and recognize the presupposition for technical equipment, stages and arenas, hosting facilities, logistic and organization structures for music and culture productions in Arkhangelsk/Barents as they have done for the UrBand Camp production.The Norwegian VAE Team are very proud of what the ARVO member have done for the VAE project both in the exchanges program but also for the venues and festivals in Arkhangelsk in this short time.

We hope that many more in Arkhangelsk will value their voluntary work as important after the UrBand Camp and join ARVO.

You can speak with the members about membership in the Information and Voluntary Centre during the UrBand Camp or contact:

Leader of Arkhangelsk Regional Voluntary Organization.
phone: +79025040319 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.