Professional always wants to give their best in their performance and everything that defends this focus in a negative way makes stress and frustration.
The background for making the VAE project concerning the frustrations professional musician, band, producers and technicians feels and have during the concert, tours and festival venues in the Russian part of Barents, but also cler up in miss-understanding and indifference bearing and behavior from some of the foreign artist and bands who guest Russia.
The frustration considers unnecessary waiting and delays in general and missing or incorrect information for accommodations and logistic during the stay, and a common understanding of the contract and riders needs.


The main target and vision for the VAE project is: to assist Russian partners who organize festivals, concerts and culture venues and to develop and rise up the standard/ level for music and culture productions in the Russian part of the Barents region with assist of volunteers.

To carry out and realizing this vision shall the VAE project:

  • Give volunteers and organizers opportunity to take part in the exchange program to Norwegian festivals for practise in voluntary work and to observe how the Norwegian organizers carry trough their festivals.
  • Help building up the Arkhangelsk Regional Voluntary Organization (ARVO) and together with them develop a common Norwegian/Russian “Team model” that they can be able to give assistance for producing of music and culture venues.
  • Arrange courses and seminars about voluntarism and voluntary work and give assist to Russian festival organizers and other corporation partner in use of the Team model.
  • Observe and recognize the presupposition or premises for technical equipment, stages and arenas, hosting facilities, logistic and organization structures for music and culture productions in Arkhangelsk/ Barents region.

The “Team model”

For making the best possible arrangement platform we use a “Team model” who is much similar to how the Norwegian organizers produce concerts and festivals venues with help of volunteers, but we also agree trying develop a common Russian/ Norwegian model where we pick out what's is “necessary or can be an accepted presupposition /premises for the professionals.” in the Russian way to organizing and produce.

The biggest challenge is to convince the Russian organizers that volunteers can contribute as responsible team leaders/ mangers in the organization and also give the volunteers enough training to make this task in their own venues. The Norwegian VAE team has work very hard to accomplish the “best” from the Russian organizing and comprehend it to the Team Model through the exchange and courses program and in the assisting to the Russian festival.

After recognizing and trying out some of the tasks in the first festivals we find out that it was necessary to develop the VAE project with building up a voluntary organization. We set down a working group who presentate the fundament for the organization, and at January 6th - 2012 was the first annual meeting with election of board members and voting for statutes and rules hold in Archangelsk and Arkhangelsk Regional Voluntary Organization was born.

The most importen part in VAE project are Voluntarism and we couldt have take this important steps to arrange The UrBand Camp without help from the Archangelsk Regional Volunteer Organization.  


 intra act pro

The Norwegian VAE team

Rune Paulsen, director of IntraAct Productions

Rune Paulsen
initiated the Barents Voluntary Arrangement Exchange project (VAE) together with Nordnorsk Jazzsenterafter have been delegate at the Russian/Norwegian Culture Forum in September 2010 in Arkhangelsk. They get support and grants and Rune has leading the VAE project through his company IntraAct Production when it was cleared that Nordnorsk jazzsenter not had capasity to running the project.  

Rune was the idée maker for the The Groove Valley Jazzcamp (TGV), as well as a producer and leader for the Jazzcamp from 2005-2011. He initiate the "feat Barents" project for TGV together with Gudbjørg Navjord in 2010 who was the occation for beeing delgate to the Cultural forum. 

For could continuing the "feat Barents" project when TGV withdraw themselves out of it, and after big wishes from the Russian musicians and course instructors the VAE project initate the festival UrBand Camp and move the "feat Barents" project to Archangels.

tatiana solska

Tatiana Solska is engaged in the VAE project by IntraAct Production as assisting leader and Russian cordinator in the VAE project. She started in the project as translator and Russian participant/band host at the Jazzcamp, and since then Tatiana has been to all the festivals in Norway and Arkhangelsk that have taken part in the exchange program. She is also Team manager for ARVO members at UBC, and she has done a tremendous work for the project and shall have a big credit for what we have carried out in the project.

dansearena nord

Dansearena nord is a regional competence- and network centre for dance in Northern Norway with international orientation towards the Barents region.
We promote dance as an artform in Northern Norway and give preference to companies working, living or touring in Northern Norway. Studio and administration is placed at the Arctic cultural centre in Hammerfest.




Gudbjørg Navjord is director of Beiarn Voluntary Centre and has also been leader and team manager for TGV Jazzcamp. Gudbjørg are supervisor for the volunteer courses very improtent for building up the volunteer organisation ARVO.
As leader for The Groove Valley Jazzcamp Gudbjørg Navjord initiate the "feat Barents" project together with Rune Paulsen in 2010.

mordnosk jazzsenter

Nordnorsk Jazzsenter

NNJS is the main adviser for building up a arrangement platform and one of the funding partners in the VAE project and UBC through Nordland Fylke.

NNJS is a non-profit organization and one of 5 regional jazz centres in Norway. NNJS aims is connecting the jazz scene in Northern part of Norway and to work for the benefit of Norwegian jazz, culturally, artistically and educationally in addition to the national organization Norsk Jazzforum.


Arkhangelsk Regional Voluntary Organization

To carry out and realizing our visions the VAE project have help building up ARVO. Together with them we try to develop a common Norwegian/Russian “Team model” that they can be able to give assistance for producing of music and culture venues in the Russian part of the barents region.

The most importen part in VAE project are Voluntarism and we couldt have arranged The UrBand Camp without help from the Archangelsk Regional Volunteer Organization.


rezitsky fest

A festival of Vladimir Rezitsky

 logo ubc

 Urband Camp festival

arkhangelsk blues

Arkhangelsk Blues festival



A Blåfrost festival

smelte digelen

Smelte Digelen music festival


Riddu Riddu festival